Sometimes, we don’t need a coach.

We don’t need — or want — to attend a full-blown course with hours and hours of video training.

We don’t need help with our mindset or to examine childhood experiences that are getting us stuck today.

Sometimes, what we need is a good old fashioned, straight-to-the-point consultation… the proverbial “pick-your-brain” conversation.

If that’s what you need to move your midlife “project” forward, then I can help you!

Who am I that I can do this, you ask?

In other words, why would you want to pick MY brain?

My name is Lou Blaser. I have close to three decades of professional experience helping leaders initiate and implement change in their organizations. I’ve led global teams and mentored hundreds of professionals throughout my career.

Personally, I have carried out several transitions in my life, honing my flexibility and ability to manage through uncertainty. Let’s just say, I also attended the School of Hard Knocks and earned my degree there too. I am guided by Stoicism as a philosophy, and credit my focus on intentional living as the key to my ability to effect change in my life. On my podcast, Second Breaks, I have interviewed 150+ people who have undergone change in their lives. I’ve studied what works, what helps, and what makes things harder.

I consider myself an expert on implementing change — making change happen. My training and experience as a management consultant makes me awesome at crafting strategy and pragmatic planning. And my broad and varied experience allows me to kick-butt in ideation and brainstorming. 😊

Here are some topics we can talk about during either our 30-minute or 90-minute call:

If this sounds like what you need, then here you go:

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